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Since we're enterin' de Nutty First Century, Weapon of Choice had funk for de ninety-nut-thousands, and with plans to release several brand spankin new albums this year, we plan to rock the spot where ever we drop. In a nutshell, Weapon of Choice has a whole lotta nuttin comin at ya through the millenium, as well as various come-u-nutty projects.

Bustin' out onto the scene in '92, the origin of Weapon of Choice stemmed from frustration with the music industry. In order to weapresent and bust da nuts strait to the people without any strings attached, Mega*Nut and Keefus gave birth
to Weapon of Choice. Flying to Seattle to record 12 original raw and funky classics spawned the brand nutricious flavor of their first album, Nut*Meg Sez Bozo the Town.

Recordin' the breakthrough wonder sound, Highperspice, from the streets of L.A., Weapon of Choice continues to spread Nutt*Meg around the globe. Touring with numerous bands throughout the years, (varying from funk to punk, and from rap to alternative,)the spectrum of bands that W.O.C. has played with also reflects the wide range of albums in which Mega*Nut has made guest appearances on. Although members of the potty have come and gone, Weapon of Choice is still going strong. And with da brand new "weapons" included in the mix, Weapon
of Choice is ready to take the world by storm.

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